Jan 30, 2010


Look at this chair, cool huh?BTW, anyone seen my stuff?

Jan 29, 2010

Jan 27, 2010


Download Fade To Black by MNDR

Jan 20, 2010


vera molnar - beautiful shit


yamaka on skull head

 sexy can i?

Jan 18, 2010

nice vice


Jan 17, 2010




Guys, hair is really coooool, ya ya ya

Jan 14, 2010

Punk panels.

 Ron Rege Jr. and Joan Reidy, Boys (2000) :

^ "He was a nice guy
When I discovered
He enjoyed
The sound
Of tearing my clothes off
I had to stop seeing him.
I couldn't afford
To keep buying new clothes."

In keeping with the punk theme, a great panel from Ghost World:

Also...(Sort of punk?) Hothead Paisan the Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist:

Jan 12, 2010

Japanese (Sort of.)

Golden Half: Japanese pop group from early 70's consisting only of half Japanese girls

Speed Racer: Emile Hirsch as the very sexy Speed and Christina Ricci as Trixi in the 2008 film version of the 60's Japanese animation

The Aokis: The gorgeous Devon Aoki with her brother DJ/Dim Mak founder Steve Aoki. They're good looking, they're talented, and they're filthy rich (their father founded the Benihana restaurant chain)

Deerhoof: Lead singer Satomi Matsuzaki mixes Japanese with English and confuses us all


Some people are so unnecessarily mean and cruel. If you're a crabby bitch, why you gotta spread it around? (haha crabs)

In contrast, here's something nice.