Dec 18, 2009

i just wanna tell everyone to raise your tolerance this break,cause wintersession is gonna be off the hook. shit, and we wont stop for no one.
how doe it feel to be driving?
Fantastic mr fox by Wes Anderson

KIDS by larry clark


Dec 10, 2009

bathroom conversations

Usually conversations that are graffitied along bathroom walls are pretty retarded but i found these ones in particular very interesting. its pretty intriguing to see all of these various comments written by different girls, voicing their opinions in complete anonymity. The two topics of discussion were getting laid after finishing a paper and obesity/eating habits. the comments are so amusing. its the bathroom's very own postsecret blog.

"Question: is knowing you'll get laid as soon as you finish your paper a distraction or a motivation?"

"Believing weight is a meaningless number is why the US has the highest rate of obesity in the world...Go to the gym..."

"It seems unfair to have to worry about being fat AND screwed in my classes..."

"fat people suck! get off your asses and work out girls should weigh no more than 120lbs regardless of height"

"I RUN + IM 5'11 + 175 LBS + I LOOK HOTT."

"This is untrue and its kneejerk reactions like that that disable real progress toward making everyone healthier. Enough with the weight fascism."

"What do you do when you need to lose a bit of weight?
What I do is NOT what you should do... no dairy"

"I never write on bathroom walls but I had to respond to this: 1. you cant be serious 2. fit is open to interpretation but 121 pounds is THIN 3. I think you need help and please don't make other girls feel bad in the mean time until you learn to be more open"

some other random shit i found interesting -

knitted leg warmers for trees

pantyhose head - vagina head


just another bathroom stall

Janine Antoni's lecture was more than inspiring.  It's amazing how conceptual she is with her ideas and I loved when she explained that she creates her art to connect with her viewers because she is just so lonely and she longs for some form of connection.

she created this piece using only the blinking of her eyelashes and numerous bottles of covergirl mascara

Loving Care - she uses her hair as a paintbrush and Loving Care hair dye as her paint

Dec 7, 2009


I wanted to share some beautiful photos taken by my friends

top two were taken by mira 
last two are by ryan

Dec 5, 2009


lucy made interesting bracelets out of acetate and hot glue
inside is hair from different people

. . . .